Conferences, lectures and workshops

17th, 18th & 25th of February. CCCB / HANGAR

The Conference of DATIFICATION: Transmutation / Art-Body-Data, organized by the research team of the IN>TRA* Project asks the question: Where does the frenetic production of data that we generate daily in digital media and Internet come from? Datification is an abstract phenomenon from the subjective-corporeal dimension and physical reality, translating a mathematical language which is then migrated and inserted into a new environment of life. This phenomenon is transforming many parts of contemporary art practice and with it the processes of art. The objective of the seminars consist helping to find new forms and prototypes of research, as well as visualizing the phenomenon of Datification.

* IN>TRA. Artistic practice as a collaborative model of experience: New forms and prototypes of research processes HAR2015-63952-C3-1-P (MINECO / ERDF)






Monday, January 17
David Casacuberta: "Glitch and Destroy"
Professor of Philosophy of science and technology in the Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona.

Tuesday, January 18
Joan Leandre: "Ovni"

Wednesday, January 19
Roger Ibars: "Self-made objects"
Awarded MA of Interactive Design at the Royal College of Art of London.

Monday, January 24
Brian Makern: "From the digital image to the object. Light in motion = fleeting impression"
Developer and designer of various net-art projects / cd and composer of structures and of auto generative visual and sound environments

Tuesday, January 25
Oriol Rossell: "Noise binary: Mediation, subversion and paradoxes of computer music"
Journalist, musician and DJ.

Wednesday, January 26
Conference with all the lecturers

Training Workshop

January 20, 21 and 22
Workshop "Glitch", directed by David Casacuberta and Marco Bellonzi, based on changing images through simple programming to carry out projects of Glitch aesthetics.

Video performance/concert in real time

SOLU+dAVID Dalmazzo: "The School of the Hidden Door"