Science Art

Nanométric Visualisation: A project "Science_Art." Calendar 2006.

The will to foment the intersection between art, science and technology as a tool to contribute to diminish the existing spacing between the so called two cultures has taken The Parc Cientific of Barcelona to dedicate the calendar year 2006 to a new challenge in the multidisciplinary, in which they have cooperated artists and scientists. As a result of this collaboration, they have jointly explored ideas, materials and methodologies of work and have developed new creative strategies that want to act as models of communication between different areas of investigation as well as between the scientific community and society

We invite you to see the results obtained from the collaboration between the group Binary Prospections from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, and the research laboratory of Nanotechnology CREBEC and Platform for Nanotechnology from the Barcelona Parc Científic , which have shared the adventure to create new models of artistic and scientific visualisation from the technology and results of the investigation in nanoengineering.

The project is carried out as part of a growing number of cooperative initiatives between scientists and artists at international level who are giving raise to results that can take any form, but that, as the Wellcome Trust Experiment book summarizes: Conversations in Art and Science, "Everybody can inspire debate on the same science, on the interpretation of science by the artist, and how art can influence science and science as inspiration to art."

Alicia Vela

Nanonits I 1
Imagen fuente: Xavier Fernández Busquets
Nanonits II 1
Imagen fuente: Xavier Fernández Busquets
La ciutat gelada 1
Imagen fuente: Mª Jesús López

Antonia Vila

Imagen fuente: Xavier Fernández Busquets
Imagen fuente: Abdelhamid Errachid
Neu roja 1
Imagen fuente: Mateu Pla Roca

Eloi Puig

Pattern I
Imagen fuente: Pere Roca
Pattern II
Imagen fuente: Muriel Arimon

Eugenia Agustí

Imagen fuente: Xavier Fernández Busquets
Intensitat aïllable
Imagen fuente: Elena Martínez

Eva Vila

Imagen fuente: Elena Martínez

Stella Veciana

Imagen fuente: Elena Martínez
In Vivo
Imagen fuente: Elisabeth Engel