Imarte room

The Imarte Room is a place dedicated exclusively to the Project of Investigation. Students of the doctorate are the ones who can use it. At the same time, the room becames the point of meeting of the teachers related to the project and the fellowship as well.

The equipment of the Imarte Room is:

1 Power Mac G4 1.0 Ghz /256 +512 / Combo /Screen 19"
1 Pc 2000 Pentium IV 1,6 Ghz / 128 Mb-Ram / 20 Gb / CD 52x / Screen 17"
1 Scanner Agfa .Duoscan
1 Plotter Epson Stykus Pro 9500 (120cm)
1 Printer Epson Stylus Photo 2100 Din A3 (sangre?, dc?)
The room has four connexions to the net of the University of Barcelona