Digital print room

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We are in the main building of the Faculty of Fine Arts, in the number 4 of the Pau Gargallo street. We belong to the Department of Painting and our rooms are in the Printmaking area.
We dispose of two rooms destinated only to the digital print: S04 room (digital print room) and Imarte Room.

Lithography, silkscreen and photoengraving workshops share their space with the digital print room. Students who are registered with us are allowed to scan, to manipulate or to print their own works. The digital print room belongs to the Project of Investigation as well.

The equipment of the digital print room is:
1 Power Mac 7200/90.600Mb and 48 Ram. Screen 15"
1 Power Mac G4. 400mhz/124+256 / 10GB / CDR / Screen 19"
1 Power Mac G3. 300 mhz /164 / 6GB / CD
1 Imac 660 mhz / 124 / 6GB / CD
2 Pc Intel Pentium III 300mhz / 64 Mb-Ram / 4,3 Gb / CD 100x / Screen 17"
1 Scanner Din A3 Epson GT 6000
1 Plotter Din A0 2500 HP (90cm)
1 Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 7500 (70cm)
1 Printer QMS 1660E Din A3
1 Printer laser Epson Din A3
1 Printer Epson Stylus Colour 1520 Din A3
1 Printer Epson Stylus Colour 720 Din A4
2 Readers Zip (100MB) Iomega
1 Reader and engraver (?) CD. La Cie 4x/12x usb
1 Reader and engraver (?) CD 4x4x6 scsi
The room has eight connexions to the net of the University of Barcelona.